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About Kay Gregory Modern Hair Salon

Kay Gregory Modern is a mid-century inspired AVEDA hair salon where every client is offered high-quality services in a relaxed, stylish, and inviting environment.

The salon combines Kay’s passion for hair with her love of plants – particularly, gardening in small spaces using  native species and edibles.

The beauty part is the hair. Kay especially loves cutting curly hair (she herself has very curly, textured hair and tells everyone that the decision to become a hairdresser may have come from growing up with terrible haircuts and finally just cutting her own hair! She doesn’t do that anymore…)  She also loves cutting short hair because it is very sculptural and it appeals to her art background.  But, she really just loves hair– short, long, curly, straight, natural or colored!

The botanicals? Please stay tuned or ask her about her plans next time you’re in the salon…

About Kay Gregory

Kay has always loved to cut hair. Before she knew what she was doing, she admits, she cut her own hair, the hair of all her friends and family who would let her, Barbie’s hair, and the hair of  all her other dolls too.

Before becoming a hairdresser, Kay had a whole other life as a student and then a librarian. She studied art, art history, and french as an undergraduate, spending over a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne.  Not knowing what to do with her fancy art and french degrees, she crossed the pond again and came home.  She didn’t stay for long, though, heading up north to Montreal to attend graduate school for Library Science at McGill University.  She worked as a librarian in Montreal and Boston including a great gig as the library director at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, but always knew she wanted to eventually do hair and open a salon.

While she was working as a librarian by day, she attended cosmetology school at night in Boston.  Then, upon completing her training, she moved to New York City where she was an apprentice for a year before working her way up to Senior Stylist and educator at the flagship AVEDA salon in Manhattan. She worked in that capacity for many years until she finally made the decision to branch out on her own, moving to Northampton and opening the former Firefly Salon.

Kay has also always gardened in every city she has lived in, including Cleveland, Paris, Montreal, Boston, New York City, Northampton, and now Amherst. Moving to western Massachusetts has allowed her to learn a new way of gardening not confined by space – but ironically, she still focuses a lot on containers, small spaces, and 4-foot by 4-foot raised beds. She most likes to grow natives and edibles, and even managed to work for a year at Nasami Farm in Whately.

She most recently studied horticulture at the New York Botanic Garden with gardeners and horticulturalists from around the world, learning a lot about natives, non-natives, exotics, composting, and many tricks of the trade–ultimately reinforcing her interest in small-space gardening.

When her lease was not renewed at The Firefly  Salon after eight years, instead of closing her doors and crying, she created this eponymous new salon, Kay Gregory, and re-opened in a new space that allows her to combine her dual loves. In the process, she took her salon from The Firefly’s streamlined Art Deco style to a new mid-century modern aesthetic.


Every haircut and blow dry begins with a scalp and shoulder massage, using AVEDA composition oils, and is followed by a custom shampoo/condition and a hot towel head wrap.

Haircut: $70

Blow dry: $40

Bang trim: $15 (complimentary for existing clients between haircuts)

Single process (retouch): $75

Single process + haircut: $145

Single process/partial highlight: $150

Single process/partial highlight + haircut: $185

Single process/dimensional highlights: $100

Single process/dimensional highlights + haircut: $170

Partial highlight: $100

Partial + haircut: $170

Half head highlights: $120

Half head + haircut: $190

Full head highlights: $140

Full head + haircut: $195

Make-up application: $50

Make-up lesson: $50

Botanical Therapy hair + scalp treatment: $75

Botanical Therapy hair masque: $45

Botanical Therapy scalp treatment: $45



Monday, July 7, 2014
By JOHN O’NEIL Gazette Contributing Writer

NORTHAMPTON — After running a hair salon on Main Street in Northampton for about eight years, Amherst resident Kay Gregory has moved her shop to Locust Street in a bigger space and with a new mission.

Gregory, who formerly owned and operated Firefly Salon, last week opened Kay Gregory: Beauty and Botanicals for the Modern World at 21 Locust St.

She said her new business provides not only hair services but also gardening consulting and soon will sell specialty products made from her own plants.

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Kay Gregory is located just across from the Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton and has ample free parking.
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